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Click on a song title to view the lyrics and chords in a printer-friendly format (use the Print button on your browser). For details of which record each song appears on, see the Discography page.
Please note, all these songs are my own interpretation only. Whilst I believe the chords given are the actual chords used on the record, there are bound to be occasional inaccuracies. In addition, apart from the songs on the first two albums, I've had to make out the lyrics just by listening, which isn't always that easy! So if you disagree with any of these chords or lyrics, please e-mail me.
Naked With You
A Crying Wolf
Monday's Coming
Brown Eyed Girl
I'm Always Sorry Now
Ordinary Heartbreak***
Good Morning World
The Little Things
Just Like Me
For Asking
Best Friend
East of Here
Forty Nights
Hosing Down the Strand
Disbelieve It
Strange Sound
Port in My Storm
Late Train Home
Simple Game
Stranger's House
Another Love Song
The Girl I Adore
Upside Down
I Have No Right
I Don't Care About the Past
Forget and Smile
Everything's Fine
Valentine's Day
This Is It
Torn in Two
So Far Away
Don't Fall in Love
Man No More
Quiet Life
Hey Girl Don't Bother Me
Swept Under the Carpet
In the Small Hours of the Morning
Little Italy
One More Chance
* These four songs are unreleased demos, but can be downloaded from the Download Music page.

** 'A Man Made of Stone' is not a commercially available Senators song, but can be downloaded for free from Jim Kitson's website. Click here for details.

*** This is my own interpretation of 'Ordinary Heartbreak'. Although the 10" single contained a songsheet, some of the chords given are way off. Believe me, they're not even close. The first two are right, but after that, the author seems to just pluck random chords out of the air. I spent months wondering why it never sounded the same when I played it, and put it down to my distinct lack of talent. But in fact it was the chords all along. Well, a combination of the chords and my distinct lack of talent. But if you'd prefer to see the original songsheet, click here.
Don't Mess Around With Me
Love and Small Talk
In My Heart and My House
My Special Prayer
I Cared
The Man's Going To Win (Again)
Hear The Senators!
Exclusive Photos!
My Little Heart
A Man Made of Stone**
Words on Water*
She's Back in Town*
The Way I Love You*