Transcribed by Phil Gardner


G                                   A     
The sound of sobbing rose and fell, around the streets of Clerkenwell,
D                              G
As I walked from snackbar to cafe.
I stopped awhile to dry my eyes, and heard Italian voices crying,
D                   G
Ciao ragazzo e come stai.
And the anger that I feel right now,
      A                              D
Would stretch frm Clerkenwell to Napoli,
F                            C
But there's so much more to life,
                  D               G
So much more to life, than Little Italy.

Mi dispiace mi amor, I don't love you anymore,
D                                 G
Those were the words she said to me.
And I remember squares and cold canals, the washing lines and alleyways,
    D                                     G
And through this London air this comes to me.
And it took so long to realise,
    A                                  D
You simply spoke a different tongue to me,
F                            C
When you spoke about your life,
                 D            G
Spoke of your life, in Little Italy.

And the people who moved away from there,
They didn't have your privelege,
You can choose this life you've found,
E                                Am7
You couldn't choose the Brooklyn Bridge,
Or a small cafe in EC3.

G                                 A                                 D
And as Italian voices swell, that just leaves me the rain of Clerkenwell,
And you the sun and poverty of Napoli.
You take cappucino and Parma ham, I take Nescafe and Spam,
D                              G
And I know I'll never make you see.
There was a time once long ago,
      A                               D
There was a time when you once wanted me,
F                         C
But you gave it up for life,
                  D            G
Gave it up for life, in Little Italy,
Bm        Am    D          G
In Little Italy, in Little Italy.

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