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The mixing desk where 'Hopes & Bodies' was created. From tiny acorns...
Studio track sheets. The front one is for 'Ordinary Heartbreak', showing that two channels were taken up with the 'WHOAH' for the intro!
Most of the photos on this page were kindly lent to me by Jim Kitson, so huge thanks to him for allowing me to reproduce them here.
Click on each photo to open a larger version of it in a new window.
The Making of Hopes & Bodies

These photos were all taken during the recording of the Hopes & Bodies album at RAK Studios in London during the autumn of 1989. Most of the people pictured below are listed on the album sleeve, and some also appeared on the Welcome to Our World and Lovely albums, but to help you put names to faces, here's a list of the principal characters...

Dave Dix - Producer                                           Graham Henderson - Keyboards/Accordian
Chris Dickie - Engineer                                       Ben Kennard - Cello
Sean Lyons - Guitar                                            Garry Wallace - Drums
Steve Pearce - Bass Guitar                                Gavin Wright - Violin
Davey Spillane - Villean Pipes                            Bub Roberts - Guitar
Paul Spong - Trumpet                                         Anne-Marie Doyle - Studio Assistant
Rick Taylor - Trombone                                      Mick & Jim - Are you new here...?
Jim & Mick (anoraks please note the t-shirt).
Chris Dickie, Dave Dix & Sean Lyons.
Jim & Chris Dickie.
Mick reading the paper.
Nick Beggs (founder member of Kajagoogoo, and old school chum of Mick) & Mick.
Jim recording vocals.
Mick & Jim.
(One of my personal favourites, this)
Sean Lyons.
Jim playing bass.
Steve Pearce & Jim.
Davey Spillane & his Villean Pipes.
Paul Spong, Rick Taylor, Dave Dix & Graham Henderson.
Sean Lyons, with Dave Dix & Nick Ogden in the background.
Ben Kennard & the violinists (presumeably Wilf Gibson,Jim McLeod & Mark Berrow, but not sure which is which).
Mick asleep.
Mick waving his arms about.
Mick playing the guitar lying down.
Jim awake.
Dave Dix.
Garry Wallace.
Mick at the mixing desk.
Mick doing vocals with guitar.
Mick playing guitar.
Davey Spillane & Jim.
Chris Dickie & Mick (with added vitamins).
Mick, Davey Spillane & Dave Dix.
Mick lying down.
Jim tuning his mandolin.
Graham Henderson, Dave Dix, Chris Dickie & Gavin Wright.
Chris Dickie & Mick playing Subbuteo.
Graham Henderson.
Mick singing topless.
Chris Dickie, Dave Dix & Martin Poole (who I believe was Mick & Jim's manager).
Rick Taylor (standing), Ben Kennard, Jim, Mick (on the floor) & Gavin Wright.
Gavin Wright, violinists, Chris Dickie, Jim, Ben Kennard & Anne-Marie Doyle.
Jim playing mandolin.
Jim singing, with Rick Taylor & Dave Dix to the rght.
Jim with foliage.
Mick, Chris Dickie, Jim & Dave Dix.
Steve Pearce.
Dave Dix & Bub Roberts.
Jim recording.
Paul Spong & Rick Taylor. It's not, I repeat not Gary Lineker & Rory McGrath recording an episode of 'They Think it's all Over'.
Dave Dix. Or Michael J Fox. You decide.
Dave Dix & Chris Dickie playing Subbuteo, Liverpool v Norwich.
Some of the instruments used on Hopes & Bodies. From left to right - 'Harmony' Mandolin, Takamine Acoustic Guitar, 1962 Fender Precision Bass, Epiphone '335', Fender 'Elite' Telecaster, 1964 Gretsch Tennessean Chet Atkins Guitar. Foreground - B&M 'Miranda' Auto Harp.
Jim with the string section.
Graham Henderson & Mick.
Anne-Marie Doyle.
Mick playing piano.
Chris Dickie & Dave Dix.
Chris Dickie & Dave Dix (again).
Ultan Henry, Mick, Richard Marcangelo, Mike Hedges, Simon Edwards & Graham Henderson.
Mick on a balcony.
Simon Edwards, Graham Henderson & Mick.
Mick, Richard Marcangelo, Mike Hedges, Jim, Simon Edwards & Graham Henderson.
Jim's Hofner Guitar, also seen on the Lovely album sleeve.
Jim & Mick performing at The Mean Fiddler in London on 23rd August 1989.
Port in My Storm

These photos were taken in November 1991 at Domfront in northern France, where Mick & Jim recorded 'Port in My Storm'. The new faces here are...

Simon Edwards - Double Bass
Richard Marcangelo - Drums, Percussion
Mike Hedges - Producer
Ultan Henry - Production Assistant
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Before becoming The Senators, Mick & Jim were known as 'Brothers in Rhythm'. This is a rare BinR photo, taken at Cullercoats in 1987.
A polaroid of Mick and Jim from 1992.
Love and Money Tour

These were taken in November/December 1988 at the Bristol Bierkeller, when the Senators were on tour supporting Love and Money. The cast includes...

Dave Smith - Roadie                                          Colin McKenzie - Bass Guitar
Mick Clews - Drums                                           Chris Brown - Tour Manager
Martin Poole -  Mick & Jim's Manager                Matt Irving - Keyboards
Back row, left to right:
Dave Smith, Mick Clews, Martin Poole, Sean Lyons, Colin McKenzie, Chris Brown.
Front row, left to right:
Jim, Mick, Matt Irving.
Same line-up as previous photo.
Jim with Sean Lyons.
Three photos taken at the time of filming the video for 'One More Chance' in 1988. (See the 'Download Music' page). The photo on the left features Keith Allen, who directed the video.
1992 publicity shot by Paul Cox.
1990 Virgin publicity shot by Lauren Hicks.
A collection of black and white stills from the videos for 'Best Friend' and 'Port in My Storm' in 1992. Click on the photo above for a page of 13 stills.
The Unstable World of Cary Grant

As the Senators were coming to the end of their term of office, Mick formed a band called Cary Grant. If you think that's a ridiculous name, don't worry - they also called themselves The Terry Love Orchestra. The band appeared on the track 'Late Train Home' from the Senators' third album, 'Lovely', and according to Jon Cheshire, the band's bass player, their remit was simple: to play self-penned, big band swing (and other suitable covers) with only guitar, bass and drums. They might not have been hugely successful, but they did get Feargal Sharkey's autograph...

All the pieces below were kindly sent to me by Jon Cheshire, for which huge thanks.
Cary Grant preparing for a performance.
That's Mick in the straw boater. I expect he'll take it off in a moment.
Maybe not.
You know what it's like - you pose for a photo and all the colour drains out of your cheeks.
I don't think that's Wembley Arena.
Jim takes to the stage. Possibly to disown his brother.
For more Cary Grant bits and pieces, see the 'Cary Grant' section on the Biography page.