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Everything's Fine (4.21MB)
Moles Club, Bath, 8th March 1989.

The following songs were all recorded live at Moles Club on 8th March 1989, with Mick and Jim backed by a full band comprising of...

Sean Lyons - Lead Guitar
Colin McKenzie - Bass Guitar
Matt Irving - Keyboards
Mick Clews - Drums

I'm deeply indebted to Jim Kitson for providing me with the recording of this gig - thanks mate. (Notice how I casually use the word "mate" to imply that we're close personal friends. Pitiful isn't it.)

N.B. Anoraks like myself will be interested to note that this live version of 'Ordinary Heartbreak' contains an extra verse not found on the album or single. 'In the Small Hours of the Morning' also features an extra verse. It rhymes windowsill with Muswell Hill, but don't let that put you off.
All songs by Kitson/Kitson, except 'As Long As I Have You' by Garnet Mimms, and 'I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down', a Sam & Dave song written by Banks/Jones.

My Little Heart (3.79MB)
A Crying Wolf (2.91MB)
Monday's Coming (4.06MB)
In the Small Hours of the Morning (3.63MB)

I Cared (4.34MB)
Quiet Life (2.88MB)
Ordinary Heartbreak (4.12MB)
As Long As I Have You (3.31MB)

Exclusive Photos!
I Don't Care About the Past (3.96MB)
My Special Prayer (4.04MB)
Man No More (4.40MB)
I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down (3.28MB)

The Quiet Life Covers

And All Because the Lady Loves

Those who have read the interview with Mick and Jim on the Biography page will know that the song 'Quiet Life' was covered by a band called 'And All Because the Lady Loves', a female guitar duo who were around at the same time as the Senators. Their version of Quiet Life appeared on an album entitled 'Sister Bridget', released in 1993, which has now been successfully tracked down by Steve Berrington, to whom huge thanks go for yet another generous contribution to this site!

Quiet Life - AABTLL (3.13MB)
Anoraks Corner

Some points of interest...

(i) As well as adapting the lyrics to be sung from a female point of view, AABTLL also make minor adjustments to the music. The most noticeable difference is that they don't bother with the change from Bb to Bb Minor in the chorus, which was always one of the bits I liked best about the original version! Instead, they choose to stay on Bb and F, which is a bit girly if you ask me.

(ii) Mick and Jim's names both appear in the "Thanks to" list on the Sister Bridget album sleeve.

(iii) There is a lengthy article charting the history of AABTLL on the 'h2g2' section of the BBC's website. In it, the author refers to Quiet Life as "the most memorable track on the LP", describing it as "a touching and thoughtful song about domestic violence". Click read the full article on the BBC site.
These two video singles were lent to me by Jim Kitson, so huge thanks to him, and also to my big bruv Andy for providing me with the technical assistance required to get them up here on the web. Both videos are in WMV format, and require Windows Media Player, which can be downloaded here if you don't already have it.

I've chosen to sacrifice a certain amount of sound and picture quality in an effort to keep these files to a reasonable size for downloading, so the audio is a little scratchy, and the visuals not pin sharp, but for less than three and a half megabytes, the results are very watchable, and well worth downloading.

One More Chance (3.35MB)
Ordinary Heartbreak (3.01MB)
This was directed by comedian Keith Allen, who also features at the beginning of the video as the club compere. He later went on to write the lyrics for New Order's 1990 World Cup song, 'World in Motion', as well as making numerous TV and film appearances. The mysterious shadowy bloke who walks in and then leaves before the end of the song, apparently went on to appear in Eastenders. (He was presumeably rushing off to the audition). The even more mysterious and shadowy woman he was with, was, I'm told, one of Mick's old girlfriends.
This was directed by Nick Willing, a British director who went on to make a number of films, including 'Photographing Fairies' with Ben Kingsley, and 'Alice in Wonderland' with Whoopi Goldberg. Ironically, 'One More Chance', directed by a comedian, is the serious, moody offering, while 'Ordinary Heartbreak', from a future bigtime director, is the knockabout comedy piece. Go figure.
(c) Videos copyright Virgin Records Ltd, 1988 & 1990
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Quiet Life - Stylish Gadget (2.45MB)
Stylish Gadget

Stylish Gadget were a band based in Bedford in the early 90s. They only released one single ('Scream' c/w 'Pain' on Badville Records), but in 1992 they recorded this version of Quiet Life, using just bass guitar and vocals. It's surprisingly effective for such a simple arrangement. Bass guitar is by John Morey, with vocals by David Priest (pictured).
Note: the two videos above were uploaded to this website in 2003, in the days before YouTube existed, and when downloading a 100MB file took you most of the weekend. When I get the chance I'll dig out the old tapes and attempt to produce some slightly more hi-fi versions. Don't hold your breath though...
'Symptoms of Love' by Cary Grant

No, not that Cary Grant, but Mick Kitson's band of the same name. Thanks to Jon Cheshire for sending me this clip. It just goes to show what can be achieved with a camcorder in front of the TV.

Forget and Smile (4.23MB)
Words On Water (3.98MB)
Tinseltown (5.86MB)
The Way I Love You (4.81MB)
She's Back in Town (5.38MB)
The Senators - Fruit From the Studio Floor
Fruit From the Studio Floor

In August 2008, this website finally achieved Senators nirvana with the arrival of five previously unreleased demos from the band's recording sessions with Virgin. A different version of 'Forget and Smile' featured as a b-side on the 'Best Friend' single, but the remaining four tracks have (to the best of my knowledge) never been heard before.
Inordinate amounts of gratitude go to Jon Cheshire (click on the link - he's the one on the left) for providing this site with its finest contribution so far. He even created the album cover. No, really. A man with that kind of talent should be running the country.

For the chords and lyrics to these songs, see the Chords & Lyrics page.
The Unstable World of Terry Love
NB. If you're not sure of the relevance of The Terry Love Orchestra to this site, click here to read the appropriate section on the Biography page. It probably won't answer your questions, but it'll give me another page view.
The Terry Love Orchestra
The Unstable World of Terry Love

This six-track mini-album was released in 1993, and met with limited (I'm being polite there) success.

Click on the pic to the left to enlarge the cassette inlay, or to read Jon Cheshire's unofficial sleeve notes, click the pictures further down.
The Unstable World of Terry Love - Sleeve Notes
The Unstable World of Terry Love - Sleeve Notes, Part 2
Tonight I Am Going To Explode (1.94MB)

Il Cielo In Una Stanza (2.58MB)

Lovesick (3.12MB)

Uptown (2.09MB)

The Pirate's Song of the Sea (2.58MB)

Heartache Must Be a Boy's Name (3.12MB)

The Terry Love Orchestra
Sleeve notes by Jon Cheshire. Promo photo supplied by Trent Baker. Thanks to you both!
The Music Group

On 14th October 2010, The Senators song 'Good Morning World' was discussed on 'The Music Group' on BBC Radio 4. Click the video on the right to hear it. The show was presented by Dr Phil Hammond, and the guests were Julian Baggini, Mark Borkowski and Vicky Tuck.

To hear 'Good Morning World' in full, click the icon below.

Good Morning World (3.6MB)
Storm in a Teacup

In June 2014, Jim Kitson released a brand new album of self-penned (and entirely self-performed) songs, under his longstanding musical moniker of Frank Finighan. The album is available to download for free, although there's also an option to donate whatever you think it's worth, giving you the opportunity to support Jim's musical endeavours, and stop him ending up on the street with a can of Special Brew. Click on the picture to get the album now.