Transcribed by Phil Gardner


Eadd9   B                        D     A
Strange, it's funny how feelings change,
                      C                Cm    Eadd9-Em
And how the slightest look can rearrange your life.
Eadd9   B                  D     A   
Strange, she used to be my friend,
Then something turned itself around,
Cm                           Eadd9-Em
And left me wondering at this change.

G                        Em
One moment I was right beside her,
G                          Em
And then my heart began to pound,
F                       G
And I have to take this seriously,
You don't hurt like this when you're just fooling around.

C                           Cm                 
And now I'm just left coping, coping with this pain,
C                         Cm                Eadd9   B
Now I'm just left feeling, just left feeling strange.

                           D           A
I used to look at her in a different way,
                     C      Cm  Eadd9
And now I re-examine every way I feel.
       B                            D           A
Strange, what wicked trick has been played on me,
'Cause now I see her face but I never see,
           Cm                    Eadd9-B-D
The face I used to see before this change,

A                        C
The face I used to see before this change,
Cm             Eadd9
Now it seems so strange.

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