Transcribed by Phil Gardner

Dm                 Bb
She's been picking fights again,
Dm                     Bb
And I've been punching out my own lights again,
Dm                Bb
Crawling home and breaking cups and chairs,
Dm                 Bb
And I can hear her screaming at me down the stairs.

F           Bb
She's got a lot to think about,
F              Bb
Resenting me relentlessly just wears her out,
Bbm         F         Bbm   F
She needs a quiet life,   a quiet life.

Dm                 Bb
She's been busting lips again,
Dm                   Bb
And she'll be cold beneath my fingertips again,
Dm                     Bb
And I've been thinking about my delight,
Dm                   Bb
And I'll be sleeping on my own tonight.

F            Bb
I can't keep up this anger show,
F                 Bb
I think that I'll pack a case and go,
Bbm      F         Bbm  F         F7
I need a quiet life,  a quiet life.

Dm      Am            Bb                 
A quiet life would be one,
           Bbm                             F
Without the aching and the bleeding and the fun.
         Dm         Am
And after all, after all,
       Bb                                       F
You can only kick so many holes into the bedroom wall.

Dm                 Bb
She's been finding out again,
Dm              Bb
How to salt the wound of my self doubt again,
Dm                    Bb
And I've been sitting here for half an hour,
Dm                     Bb
And I've been thinking blood will wash off in the shower.

F             Bb
I'll take the next train into town,
F                  Bb
Before her silence brings the ceiling down.
Bbm      F           Bbm         F
I need a quiet life, she needs a quiet life,
Bbm          F         Bbm   F
Let's have a quiet life,   a quiet life.

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